evans_mfzb (evans_mfzb) wrote in denverai,

There is an AIC LJ?!?! What in the Hell? WOW!!!! ^.^

jesus..im so bored and tired that i actually looked for an AI community page...who the hell would have thought that just a month ago someone made one! not me...thats for sure.
Well im a DMP student and im in my 3rd quarter and im living at the shitty ass towers...yeah..real cool here...let me tell you.
So yeah, ummm...if you anyone was at the Manor Party on Friday they probably saw me or some of my friends running around the place with a camera. I was the fat guy in a suit standing next to the tall fucker with a suit on.
Speaking of that Manor Party...we were actually filming the final episode to our series called "The Coke Diaries" so its going to be really bad ass! I think we have the first shitty one on the site (www.swaderthanyou.com/new) but dont think that just cuz the first one was a piece of shit that the rest of them suck...cuz...uh..they dont! But yeah...i think i have done all of the advertising and talking i can handle for 4:46 am...time to go to sleep and shit of that sort...
if you guys want some more info on The Coke Diaries or anything, i just posted a Cast and Crew thing on my LJ (www.livejournal.com/users/evans_mfzb) and there are a few pics and stuff there too...
im just rambling now...yeah...sleep
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